Can Turning Point Sports help me organize a running event?

We sure can and we'd love to.  Just shoot us an email at Team@turningpointsports.com and let us know what you have in mind.



What sort of areas can Turning Point help out with?


As little or as much as you'd like.  We can do as little as consult with you in setting up and organizing your event or we can go all in and support with event direction, logistics, website, webstore, etc.  We're pretty turnkey.


Can you do shirts?




The shirts you have for sale at turningpointsports.com, can you ship overseas?

Right now through the website we only ship domestically within the US.  If you have an overseas shipping request email us at Team@turningpointsports.com and we'll get it sorted.


Can I return a shirt I bought?

We hate to see any of our customers unhappy.  Yes, if it's within 30 days and it hasn't been worn, just email us at Team@turningpointsports.com and we'll provide instructions.